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Distinguished Artist 2024


Martin Kotyluk

Painting portraits of the natural world around us has shaped me as a painter".

Growing up in Sudbury. I had the chance to explore new ways to showcase the physical beauty of rocks, trees and the natural shapes around us. Finding unexpected and vibrant twists of the different landscapes in Northern Ontario 

"Landscape art was the beginning of my art career and most of the pieces today are. But I'm always open to exploring  new media and art styles to advance my work.

The finer details of nature and modern culture can be found in my art. Vivid landscapes have made my work iconic and art enthusiasts will find pleasure reflecting on their own personal experiences and perspective through each one of my paintings. 

In 2020 my painting Killarney Panoramic was selected 2nd place for landscape art by International Artists Magazine. From this I have had featured articles in 2 International Artists Magazine and in America Art Collector. 


Over the past 12 years in my art journey, I have had my art display in over 40 group and solo Art Shows including Lacloche Art Show, NOAA and the Art Gallery of Sudbury. 

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